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DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer Shantui 2018 bauma Show


After more than 700 days of waiting, bauma CHINA 2018 finally opened on November 27th at the Shanghai New National Exhibition Center. As a biennial global construction machinery industry event, Shanghai BMW Show has gathered a large number of brands, global agents, industry professionals and many construction machinery enthusiasts with great appeal. In different years, under the influence of China's prosperous market in the past two years, the BMW Show in 2018 is even more prestigious and has many highlights.

Shantui booth site

During the exhibition, Shantui's 1100 square meter outdoor booth ushered in an endless stream of visitors. The new DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer became the most attractive product in the audience without any suspense. DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer has a standard version, wetland version, sanitation version, desert version, mud version, rock version and many other types, to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions, is a well-deserved working condition Almighty King.


In terms of machine configuration and performance, the performance of the DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer is even more remarkable. The newly upgraded Weichai III electric control engine has a maximum output of 217 hp, which brings power to the whole machine. It also provides three modes of operation: heavy load, medium load and light load. Users can switch automatically according to actual working conditions. The hydraulic system integrates Shantui - Linde's latest static pressure drive control technology, which combines the characteristics of “European descent” and Shantui. It intelligently matches the working load in real time. Under the premise of maintaining high productivity, the fuel consumption is reduced by 22% year-on-year, reaching the same power bulldozer. The best level in the original; the unique " M " mode is the core patent technology of Shantui. It can instantly improve the traction while ensuring the speed of the vehicle, and realize the "preservation speed increase and twist", so that the DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer becomes a mud pond, a lake, etc. Construction tools for poor working conditions.


In addition to the core configuration of the engine and hydraulic system, the new DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer brings a comfortable driving experience to the operator with advanced human-computer interaction technology. The deeply optimized cab damping system, user-friendly design and control terminal, standard air conditioning, Bluetooth radio and USB interface provide a better cab environment, allowing the operator to work in a free and comfortable way. Improve work efficiency.

The core advantage of the full hydraulic bulldozer is that it can achieve the intelligent matching of the whole machine. For this reason, since it was introduced to the market in 2014 , the DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer has been highly praised by users at home and abroad.


"Working hard!", "collecting soil, fast moving soil, easy to live", "handle operation is simple and labor-saving, walking and steering is flexible" "good view, large space, low noise, long-term operation is not exhausted", "efficient The advantages of “reliable” have become the unanimous evaluation of the DH17C2 full hydraulic bulldozer for the all-round working condition experts.

Shantui is the first company in China to begin researching and developing industrial hydraulic bulldozers. In 2003-2013 , the accumulation of nearly ten years has laid a solid technical foundation. In 2013 , Shantui began to enter the stage of rapid development of all-hydraulic products. In early 2014 , it was officially established and successfully tackled in one fell swoop, with subversive performance. Leading product - the first generation DH17C2 came out and became the industry benchmark for the whole industry.


After fifteen years of deep accumulation, Shantui has fully researched and recognized the mechanical characteristics, performance characteristics and control strategies of the full hydraulic bulldozer, and achieved original breakthroughs in many technical directions. The DH17C2 exhibited at this time is the full hydraulic pressure of Shantui. The master of bulldozer technology. At present, Shantui has formed three series of C , J and K , more than 20 full hydraulic bulldozer products, the power range covers 80-240 horsepower, and has been exported to Europe and the United States high-end market and more than 20 countries such as Malaysia, India and the Philippines. area. Excellent performance and the most popular hydraulic bulldozer products have become the most popular equipment for users. The market demand and reputation in various markets have shown a gratifying growth trend.

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