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Jining Kunpeng Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Jining Kunpeng Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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होम > उद्योग की जानकारी > Driver said: lingong 20 tons of excavator worry and effort saving is still alive

उद्योग की जानकारी

Driver said: lingong 20 tons of excavator worry and effort saving is still alive

2019-01-02 03:52:35

When I met master an, he was operating a 20-ton temporary excavator on a earthwork site outside the 3rd ring road west of shijiazhuang.Just after the rain, the soil is very soft, dust is not much, the excavator in the performance of the biggest requirement is smooth rotation, high efficiency.Because this work is a contract work, the speed of the work is the money, so the faster the efficiency of the operation, the better."Said master Ann.

As a professional excavator driver, master an has been working in the industry for nearly five years. In his opinion, the equipment with good operation, stable chassis, low failure rate and convenient maintenance is the ideal type of equipment in his mind.
"The first time I drove a temporary car, I felt that it was flexible, that the wheels and chassis were stable."Master an said that the temporary car is easy to use, not difficult to operate, and the cab seat is very comfortable, the pilot operation is very advanced, and such as the design of the water cup, mobile phone charging is also very convenient."In the words of the manufacturer, it's very human."
Mr. An said the 20-ton excavator, which was put into place in May, "has been working for three months, at least 300 hours a month, and now it's over 900 hours.There is no major failure, and the fuel consumption is not large, how much has not been calculated, but absolutely no fuel consumption.
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For this excavator which is about to be maintained immediately, master an said that it is very convenient to maintain it. It will be done in more than 40 minutes by myself. "compared with other brands, it is very convenient to maintain the in-service excavator, which is also the most convenient excavator I have ever encountered.It saves time and effort for us drivers.

In addition, most let Ann master trust, "which makes after-sales especially in place, I in the process of operation, even the place voice slightly a bit, I make a phone call to them, they said by me, basically can give find where the problem may occur, high technology, true is to make a phone call."What's more, when the temporary after-sales service personnel come to work nearby, they will come back to see us as long as time permits."Look for us to make in the operation of the small faults, after their a few words of guidance, ah, is really more convenient operation.

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