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Shantui SL60W Loader


Recently, a boutique loader SL58H jointly developed by Shantui and Degong Machinery was officially launched. This is the first H series launched by Degong to carry out comprehensive deepening cooperation with Shantui since joining the engineering machinery sector of Shandong Heavy Industry Group. Boutique loader.


Loader SL58H
As two senior companies in the construction machinery industry, Shantui and Degong began preliminary cooperation in the export of loaders as early as 2007. With the gradual deepening of cooperation between the two parties, in January 2015, the mountain was established in Germany. Push (Texas) loader production base. In 2018, Degong officially joined Shandong Heavy Industry Group and became a member of the Group's engineering machinery sector. In the same sector of the group, Shantui and Degong have carried out all-round deepening cooperation in technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing, operation management, etc., and grandly launched this SL58H loader.
This collection of the wisdom of the technical research and development personnel of both sides, carefully designed new loader, focus on the details of the design, select the component combination, optimize the configuration of each department, both in terms of design and product performance, have a greater improvement and breakthrough.
The wheelbase is increased to 3300 wheelbase, the tipping load is large, the dry weight is stable and the efficiency is high; the middle hinge is good, the passability is good; the front and rear tires have the same trajectory, and the tire wear and energy loss are low.
The powertrain adopts Weichai electronically controlled engine and Shantui speed-increasing gearbox; the best matching effect is achieved, the acceleration performance is good, and the whole machine speed is fast; the combined working condition (walking and moving) has large traction and lifting force, and the explosive force is strong. The work efficiency is high.
The working system adopts a dual pump confluence system, and the coaxial flow is amplified and turned. The working pump and steering pump are both 100ml/r, the steering gear is: 1000ml/r, the operation is sensitive, the steering speed is faster, the working pressure is increased to 18MPa, the lifting force is increased by 12%, and the shovel loading operation is more efficient.
Structural aspects: the front and rear frame, working device and other structural components are optimized and strengthened; the key components are analyzed by CAE; the main welded parts are robot welding, and the welding quality is reliable.
Hydraulic system: The main components are Eaton steering gear, Jinan hydraulic pump, Gaoyu valve and so on.
Braking system: Optimize component layout, increase the length of the oil-water separator intake pipe, and use Longyong and Wuhu Shengli brake components.
Electrical system: standard LED light, oil level display, GPS; power main switch, reversing alarm bell for optimization, engine detection port is arranged in the cab;
The heat dissipation system adopts a series integrated heat sink, which has reasonable space utilization and high heat dissipation efficiency; the fin pitch of the radiator is increased; the risk of clogging is reduced, and the cleaning is convenient; the fan diameter is increased, the air volume is increased, and the heat dissipation performance of the system is improved.
The control system is equipped with three-stage power control mode of no-load, medium-load and heavy-load to meet the requirements of different working conditions and low overall fuel consumption.
In order to facilitate the later maintenance, the opening degree of the driver's door and the hood side door is particularly increased, and the lead-out point is increased in the inconvenient maintenance place, and the position of the maintenance parts is optimized.
The all-new SL58H loader is the first boutique loader launched by Degong and Shantui. Under the leadership of the Group's 2020-2030 development plan, Degong aims to become the most technologically competitive, quality competitive and competitive company with a core technology, sustainable development and respected international engineering machinery manufacturers. Cost-competitive loader products provide satisfactory service to more users around the world.

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